Welcome to the Peruvian Horse Club of British Columbia


Volunteers Needed!!

The Super Show Committee is looking for volunteers to either be a part of the committee or to help out for the 2017 show season.  Please contact Lynn Moker at lmoker@xplornet.com if you are interested.

Peruvian HorseThe Peruvian Horse Club of BC was founded in 1983 by five breeders, who also became the first five directors. The PHCBC has come a long way since 1983, currently with members residing across Canada and in the Northwestern US. The PHCBC an affiliate club of the Peruvian Horse Association of Canada, who by way of the CLRC holds the national registry for the Peruvian Horse.

Our website is designed to assist you in finding horses for sale, ranches, breeders and shows or clinics near you. As a group we serve to promote our breed through advertising, shows, clinics and demo teams at various functions and events.

The Peruvian horse is undoubtedly the smoothest riding horse in the world, due to it’s inherent and completely natural four beat lateral gait. Over 400 years of isolation in Peru has kept the purity of the breed and so it has become a unique entity in the equine kingdom.

When you learn about the Peruvian Horse, many terms such as “Termino” “Reach” “Overreach” and “Pisos” are often heard. Brio or “Energy combined with a willingness to work” is another important topic. Confirmation, beauty, and arrogance are all important, as well as many other traits, that when combined produce an exceptional horse that is a pleasure for all, young or old, to ride and enjoy.

Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact anyone on the board or any of the ranches listed if you have any questions.